CRICKET May-June 2020

Talk to fireflies, ponder summer clouds, do the hedgehog shuffle, and avoid the alligators in the lobby.

Cover art by Julie Paschkis



Between the alligators in the lobby and learning how to talk to fireflies, this edition of CRICKET Magazine is full of wonder and whim!


Starting off at the shore, with a story, a poem, a crossword, and a look at how hermit crabs move homes, your kids should have just enough fun to “tide” them over until they get their own trip to the beach. But wait! There’s more! You and your kids can enjoy the true-life story of alligators ended up in the luxurious lobby of the Jefferson Hotel. You’ll join Hazel in a production of Alice in Wonderland, where she learns a very important lesson, and you’ll learn de-lightful facts about the lightning bugs. All that, plus poems, stories, puzzles, illustrations, and more!


Enjoy features including  

  • The Tides of Change by Victoria Marie Lees
  • Making Sand Angels by Yvonne Gleason
  • Shell Swap by Nancy Dawson
  • Alligators in the Lobby by Meredith Henne Baker
  • The Fool Who Fished for a King by Frederic S. Durbin
  • Hazel Down the Rabbit Hole by Rebecca Agiewich
  • What I Don’t Know About Clouds by Eileen Spinelli
  • Talking to Fireflies by Kiersten Gibizov
  • False Impressions by Christy Le


Regular features of CRICKET magazine include Letterbox, Cricket Country, Ugly Bird’s Crossbird Puzzle, Cricket League, Cricket and Ladybug, and Old Cricket Says.