On the Santa Fe Trail


COBBLESTONE Magazine October 2021. The nation’s first international commerce route, opening trade between the United States and Mexico, turns 200!

Many of us know the Appalachian Trail but this edition of COBBLESTONE Magazine introduces you to the Santa Fe Trail, which not only takes you from Franklin, Missouri through Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, to Santa Fe, New Mexico, but also takes you back through time to follow some of America’s greatest achievements. This trail laid the groundwork for traders, mail stages, the telegraph, and eventually the railroad.


Running about 870-miles, you won’t need to lace up your hiking boots to get the best parts of the Santa Fe Trail with this COBBLESTONE. Packed full of fascinating facts, historical images, gorgeous photographs that make you feel like you’re there, maps, games, and more, you’ll feel like you’ve traveled back to the 1800s. Discover the hardships of road travel, meet the people who lived on the plains, and get to know the people (and animals) who helped pave the way across the country. 


Enjoy features including:

·         The Trail at a Glance by Ebenezer

·         A Spanish Start by Al Regensberg

·         Pike’s Adventure by Mark Clemens

·         Becknell Leads the Way by Marjorie Loester and Andrew Matthews

·         More Than a Trading Post by Janine Richardson and Will Bremen

·         J. Murphy’s Wagons by Andrew Matthews

·         Beasts of Burden by Ellen Hardsog

·         People of the Plains by Duane Damon

·         Guardians of the Trail: An Interview With Celeste Dixon by Emily Cambia

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