The Homestead Act of 1862

Cobblestone October 2019. A law that offered 160 acres of free land introduced hard-working Americans to territories in the West.
Cobblestone October 2019

What is the Homestead Act of 1862? And more importantly, how did it affect us? Take a deep dive into the Westward expansion, Manifest Destiny, the Homestead Act, and the ramifications they had on the land, the people, and our history.


Looking at America’s history of expansion from all angles, this edition of COBBLESTONE Magazine provides a complete story of how we came to conquer this country from sea to shining sea. You’ll investigate the creation of new farms and agricultural movements and the technology behind the transcontinental railroad. You’ll examine the types of homes early American’s created lived in—and the rough conditions that accompanied them. And you’ll see how the laws and proclamations established during this period of time affected all sorts of people, including Native and African Americans, and women, giving you a wide perspective and different point of views.



Enjoy features including:

  • Are You Tough Enough by Annette
  • Into the West by Jeremy M. Johnston and Andrew Matthews
  • Land!
  • Lincoln Leads the Way by Richard Brownell
  • What About the Native Americans? by Mikal Eckstrom
  • A Destructive Act by Mikal Eckstrom
  • Life in a Soddy by Marcia Amidon Lusted
  • Equality on the Plains by Jacob K. Friefeld
  • Breaking Barriers by Laurie Lawlor
  • The Last Frontier: Homesteading in Alaska by Kathiann M. Kowalsk


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