A Visit to the Everglades

Cobblestone May-June 2018. How are the Everglades— a shallow, slow moving river that once covered about 18,000 square miles of southern Florida—a part of history?
Cobblestone May-June 2018

How are the Everglades— a shallow, slow moving river that once covered  about  18,000  square miles  of  southern  Florida—a part of history? COBBLESTONE magazine transports you to the tip of the state to look at the early societies of the Everglades and the life that still inhabits this fascinating space.


This edition of COBBLESTONE magazine dips into ecology, biology, zoology, geography, and other disciplines to present a truly well-rounded portrayal of a historic ecosystem that was (and is) vital to the environment of our country. As you study the native people, animals, birds, and reptiles, your kids will learn the history of why these wetlands deserve to be protected.



Enjoy features including:


First  Footsteps

by  Duane  Damon

A  Range  of  Habitats

by  Marcia  Amidon  Lusted

Everglades  Wildlife:  Mammals

by  Barbara  Krasner

Man  on  a  Mission

by  Nathalie  Alonso

Lady  of  the  Everglades

by  Nathalie  Alonso

Everglades  Wildlife:  Reptiles

by  Barbara  Krasner

Everglades  Wildlife:  Birds

by  Barbara  Krasner


by  Kathiann  M.  Kowalski

Engineering  the  Future

by  Kathiann  M.  Kowalski

Everglades  Wildlife:  Insects

by  Barbara  Krasn


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