Eclipse 2024! A Celestial Spectacle


COBBLESTONE Magazine March 2024. A total solar eclipse is an awe-inspiring event, and one is coming to North America in April 2024! Learn all about this historical event in the making with COBBLESTONE Magazine!

Nothing can eclipse the excitement of… well, an eclipse! To prepare for this historic event in the making, discover the unique history of eclipses and why they’re so significant. 


Make your own pinhole camera, solve an eclipse-themed crossword puzzle, bake a Pi Day pie, and even more! This issue also includes a poignant feature on Dr. Jay M. Pasachoff, an astronomy professor, COBBLESTONE Magazine contributer, and eclipse expert. Although he sadly passed away in 2022, his influence on this issue of COBBLESTONE and eclipse enthusiasts around the world is immeasurable. 


This eclipse will be one for the history books, and this issue of COBBLESTONE is, too! 


Enjoy features including:  

·         Our Universe by Dennis Brindell Fradin 

·         About Eclipses by Andrew Matthews 

·         The Saros Cycle by Deborah Pasachoff 

·         A Total Solar Eclipse  

·         Make a Pinhole Camera by Charles Fulco 

·         How to Watch a Solar Eclipse by Ebenezer and Colonel Crow 

·         Art in the Sky by Will Bremen 

·         Traveling to Totality by Dr. Jay M. Pasachoff 

·         Solar Eclipses’ Biggest Fan: Remembering Dr. Jay M. Pasachoff by Meg Chorlian 


Regular features of COBBLESTONE Magazine include: Getting Started, Mapping It, Did You Know, In Other News, Going Global, Say What?, Freeze Frame, Your Letters, Dr. D’s Mystery Hero, Spotlight On…, Just for Fun, and a crossword puzzle.