A Look Back at the Roaring 20s

Cobblestone July-August 2020. Get ready to travel back in time to one of U.S. history’s most famous decades.
Cobblestone July-August 2020

Flappers, flyers, films, and felons! The turbulent 20s was a decade of innovation, invention, and impact. This edition of COBBLESTONE Magazine travels back in time to look at the decade that brought us jazz, prohibition, women’s rights, and scandals.


It’s impossible to capture everything the decade of the 1920s contributed to our modern society, but this month’s COBBLESTONE Magazine provides an extensive survey of some of the most important cultural components. With factual and highly entertaining stories around prohibition, the Harlem Renaissance, the women’s rights movement, film and music, the Great Depression, and the evolution of teaching evolution, your young learners will have a deep appreciation for the plethora of change one intense decade brought to modern America.


Enjoy features including:

Harlem’s Renaissance by James Hall and Andrew Matthew

Gangsters Profit From Prohibition by David Witwe

Meet the New Woman by Gwen Hoerr Jorda

Entertain Me! by Barbara Hagen

And Now, a Look at Sports by James Banke

Closing the Door on Immigration by Eric Arnesen

Science on Trial by Karen Bradley Cain

Barnstormers and Daredevils by Ruth Spencer Johnson

Scandal Shocks the Nation by Karen Bradley Cain

And the Market Crashes by Eric Arnesen

All That Jazz—and More! An Interview With Stefon Harris by Kathiann M. Kowal


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