Harriet Tubman


COBBLESTONE Magazine February 2022. Harriet Tubman refused to accept life as an enslaved person—for herself or for anyone else that she could help.

You may have heard of Harriet Tubman, but chances are this edition of COBBLESTONE Magazine is going to teach you something new as it takes a deep dive into the life, history, and impact of “American Moses.”


Starting off by setting the context for the times with background on the rise of slavery, COBBLESTONE Magazine goes in-depth into the life and times of early American colonialism—particularly focused on enslaved men, women and children. By shining a spotlight on Harriet Tubman, from her early childhood through to the secret journeys, creation of the Underground Railroad, and activism even as older individual, you get eye-opening insights into what society and politics were like at the time. Additionally, you’ll meet other heroes—some you may not have heard of, learn the signals and codes that helped set and keep hundreds of slaves on the path to freedom, and hear about Harriet’s battle to become the new face of our twenty-dollar bill. 


Enjoy features including:

  • Slavery’s Rise by Leslie Anderson Morales and Andrew Matthews
  • Young Harriet by Mark Clemens
  • A Secret Journey by Ross Rosenfield and Elizabeth Howard
  • Moses by Andrew Matthews
  • Great Escapes by Elizabeth Howard
  • Always Active by Julie Doyle Durway
  • Tubman on the 20! by Will Bremen
  • Who’s in Your Wallet (And How’d He Get There?) by Meg Chrolian
  • Design a Pocket Monument by Ebenezer and Colonel Crow

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