Famous American Islands


COBBLESTONE Magazine April 2022. The United States is filled with islands, from barrier to oceanic and continental to coral. Let’s explore!

When we think of the United States of America, we often picture the map of the continent. But there are tons of islands in our country, and this edition of COBBLESTONE introduces you to many of them.


From the islands of New York, where many immigrants first set foot, to the foothills in the volcanic mountains of the Hawaiian Islands, you’ll island hop all over the place. Because COBBLESTONE is taking you to American islands, you won’t even need a passport as you visit Hawaii, the Florida Keys, the Channel Islands, Ellis Island, Padre Island, Bainbridge Island, Sanibel Island, the Outer Banks, and so many more! This eye-opening COBBLESTONE will show you there are islands all around us and with full color pictures, fun facts, and colorful characters, you’ll be an island expert in no time.


Enjoy features including:

·         Pacific Gems by Christine Graf and Mark Clemens

·         American Archipelagos by Elizabeth Howard

·         A Stop for Immigrants by Kathiann M. Kowalski and Shari Lyn Zuber

·         Island Hopping by Will Bremen

·         From Isolated Isle to Protected Park by Andrew Matthews

·         More Island Hopping by Will Bremen

·         Overseas Possessions by Andrew Matthews

·         Island Stories by Ebenezer

·         Life on Mackinac Island by Emily Cambias

·         All About Islands Crossword Puzzle by Will Bremen

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