Time For Reform!

COBBLESTONE April 2017 single back issue.

One hundred years ago, children worked in factories, people ate rotten and contaminated food, women were barred from voting, and mining and lumber industries threatened America’s beautiful landscapes. Enter the progressives!

Meet these steadfast agents of change with this month’s issue COBBLESTONE, as well as the people who progressive “reform” left behind or even harmed. Get to know a few modern-day progressives, and see how you can help to shape the direction of the world today. As President Theodore Roosevelt said, “A great democracy must be progressive or it will soon cease to be great or a democracy.” It’s never too soon to make a difference!

Get inspired by these compelling articles:

“An Era of Progress” by Eric Arnesen

“Saying ‘NO’ to Jim Crow” by Eric Arnesen

“Helping Hands” by Shawn Hoffelt and Mike Wilson

“A Failed Experiment” by Laura Phillips

“Protect and Conserve” by Laura Phillips

“The Power of Words” by Eric Arnesen and Andrew Matthews

“Women on the Rise” by Eric Arnesen

“Visions for Change: The 1912 Presidential Election” by Eric Arnesen

“Progress for a New Generation” by Kathiann M. Kowalski

Regular features include Did You Know?, Going Global, Freeze Frame, Your Letters, Just for Fun, Dr. D’s Mystery Hero, Spotlight On…, Say What?, Cartoon Connection, and a Crossword Puzzle.