Hold On! Hands, Feet, and Tails

CLICK September 2020. Hands come in handy—and so do feet and tails! See amazing animal tails, follow footprints, measure how long a foot is, meet a gecko, make handprint art, and more.
CLICK September 2020 

Hands and feet! Paws and claws! And don’t forget to shake your tail! This edition of CLICK Magazine looks at the limbs of some awesome animals—including your own!


Click and Jane track tracks by looking at the footprint’s animals leave. Then take a look at all the art you can make with your handprint. See how a foot measures up and learn about the tremendous things’ tails can do—spoiler alert: some of the tail tricks stink! You’ll also get to know geckos and discover the various feats that featured feet can do. As always, stories, game, and vivid images accompany each theme, helping to introduce the concepts to curious minds.


Enjoy features including:

  • Tall Tails
  • Hands on Art
  • How Long is a Foot?
  • Talented Tails by Tracy Vonder Brink
  • Whose Feet?
  • Ok, Tokay
  • Tails to Tell by Susan Yoder Ackerman
  • Thumbs Up by Emily Cambias
  • Tail Tally by Stacey Lane


Regular features of CLICK magazine include Click and Jane and Beatrice Black Bear.