CLICK October 2018. Who needs words? Read a picture, meet award-winning artists, make your own watercolor paints, and more.
CLICK October 2018

Time to put on your creative caps because this edition of CLICK Magazine is all about art! Your kids will learn about different types of art, discover how art tells a story, examine the ways art helps us every day, and see where art can be deceiving!


People have used art to communicate since the beginning of mankind. Art transcends language, conveys emotions, captures history, and tells stories. As we look carefully at art, we learn a lot about the time and place of the picture. Your kids have probably already experimented with crayons, paints, or chalk. This vibrant CLICK shows them how to break down pictures into specific shapes, colors, and more, laying the foundation for a deeper appreciation of art.


Enjoy features including:


  • A Picture Tells a Story by John Grandits
  • Meet Brian Floca
  • Read the Signs
  • Henri’s Scissors by Jeanette Winter
  • Paint with Watercolors
  • Artists in the Family by Susan Yoder Ackerman
  • You’re the Artist


Regular features of CLICK magazine include Click and Jane, Beatrice Black Bear, and Readers of the Month.