Party Time


CLICK Magazine Nov-Dec 2023. See how people celebrate birthdays and other holidays around the world. Make a pop-up greeting card. Learn how to say Happy New Year in different languages. Get a Click calendar, and more!

You are exclusively invited to the hottest party in town—this month’s CLICK Magazine! 


Take a look at holidays, parties, carnivals, and celebrations from all over the world. Discover all the fun ways different cultures observe fun events—from lights to costumes. You’ll get introduced to some fascinating festivities such as Junkanoo and Bloemencorso (yes, those are real!) and you may find a new favorite way to party. With poems, games, crafts, stories, and more, it’s the most fun you’ll have without actually being at the party. 


Enjoy features including:

·         Let’s Party

·         It’s a Parade by Rachel Young

·         How to Make a Pop-up Greeting Card 

·         Yo Wants to Know by Lea and Alan Daniel

·         Happy Birthday!

·         Birthday Mice and a Trip Around the Sun by Susan Yoder Ackerman

·         Happy New Year



Regular features of CLICK Magazine include Click and Jane and Beatrice Black Bear.