Look Up


CLICK Magazine March 2024. Look up in the sky! What’s that up there? Find out the difference between sunlight and moonlight. Visit an observatory. See why the moon changes shape. Get ready for the April eclipse, and more!

This enlightening issue of CLICK is an amazing introduction to astronomy—and just in time for the Great American Eclipse of 2024! 


Read an exclusive interview with a massive star: the sun itself! Take a visit to the Cincinnati Observatory and peep through the world’s oldest telescope. Learn what causes an eclipse, then follow the adventures of a little boy named Jeff as he prepares for a solar eclipse! Plus, create your own eclipse mask, track the phases of the moon, and enjoy more interactive fun with CLICK! It’s out of this world! 


Enjoy features including: 

·         Hello, Sunshine 

·         What the Sun Sees/ What the Moon Sees 

·         A Visit to the Cincinnati Observatory by Tracy Vonder Brink  

·         Yo Wants to Know by Lea and Alan Daniel 

·         What’s an Eclipse? 

·         Waiting For the Sun to Disappear by Buffy Silverman 

·         Happy New Year 

·         Make a Solar Eclipse Mask 

·         Watching the Moon 


Regular features of CLICK Magazine include Click and the Kids and Beatrice Black Bear.