CLICK Magazine March 2021 (CHINESE version)


What is sound, and how do we hear it? How do people and animals make sounds? Why do we have two ears? Do you hear music with your ears, or can you feel it with your whole body? Find out, play games, and more.

This edition of CLICK Magazine is written in Chinese characters and comes with a free guide for parents.


Want to hear something cool? This month’s CLICK Magazine is some sound reading. From our own amazing voice boxes to all the noises we hear when we step outside—and even to how our ears work, you’ll get a good sense of, well, one of your most important senses.


Learn what a sound wave is, understand how – and why – animals communicate, discover how deaf people can dance, and challenge your friends to a game of Sounds Bingo … plus more in this jam-packed CLICK Magazine. As always, CLICK Magazine is full of a family friendly and delightful mix of stunning photography, charming illustrations, superb stories, and fascinating facts that will keep your kids learning safe and sound.


Enjoy features including:

  • How Do They Make That Sound by Tracy Vonder Brink
  • Just Listen by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld
  • Squeak, Hiss, Click!
  • Ears to Hear
  • Making Waves
  • No Shoes Aloud by Stacey Lane
  • Feeling Loud by Stacey Lane


Regular features of CLICK Magazine include Click and Jane and Beatrice Black Bear.