Who's Counting?

CLICK July-August 2020. What would life be like without numbers? Why do we need measurements? Can animals count? Why do scientists want you to count fireflies? Find out, play counting games, and more.
CLICK July-August 2020

This edition of CLICK Magazine really counts! 


Looking at how we use numbers in everyday life, counting games, measurements, and more, young learners will get a great introduction to the concept of quantity and why it matters. From counting fireflies to pumpkin seeds, the stories included in this edition weave in simple math concepts in a fun and engaging way. Games and cartoons help kids understand the subjective nature of size. And a hands-on recipe for a tasty apple crisp help bring the concept of measurements to life, in a most delicious way.


Enjoy features including:

The Best Apple Crispin the World by Charnan Simon

How Many?

Counting Critters by Tracy Vonder Brink

Counting Fireflies

How Big Is Big? by John Grandits

How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin by Margaret McNamara

How Long? How Tall?


Regular features of CLICK magazine include Click and Jane and Beatrice Black Bear.