CLICK Magazine January 2023 (CHINESE version)


Animals make their homes in all sorts of places. See how beavers build their lodges, find the best shell for a hermit crab, look for homes in the forest, explore a meerkat burrow, and more. 

This edition of CLICK Magazine is written in Chinese characters and comes with a free guide for parents.


There’s no place like home – especially when you’re out in the wild. All sorts of things can make a house, depending on who (or what) you are. In this edition of CLICK Magazine, you’ll discover the many different devices that can make a home – from shells, to snow, to sticks and stones. 


Get to know how animals make shelters, live together, protect each other, stay warm, and lay down roots in some crazy locations and unbelievable conditions. Hermit crabs, beavers, polar bears, meercats, and more invite you into their homes and give you a full tour. Some are pretty small – a “one-room shell” that the hermit crab carries on its back to a multi-level, multi-tunneled, underground “condominium” for the meercat mob. Helpful photos and illustrations, accessible explanations, and a great game keep your kids engaged and loving what they learn from cover to cover.


Enjoy features including:

·         The Best Shell by Tracy Vonder Brink

·         Home Poems

·         Yo Wants to Know by Lea and Alan Daniel

·         Meercat Maze 

·         Busy Beavers by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld 

·         The Nest on the Mailbox by Charnan Simon

·         Animals Homes

Regular features of CLICK Magazine include Click and Jane and Beatrice Black Bear.