BABYBUG Magazine September 2023


Say hello to friends and neighbors, find out what birds and squirrels like to eat, and throw a tea party!

Cover art by Holly Berry


Autumn is here and we are f’all in! From tomatoes to tea parties, BABYBUG Magazine explores all the fun fall things you can do inside and out. 


Walks, worms, and wagon-rides are just a few of the fun things in this BABYBUG Magazine. Short stories, sweet poems, lovely illustrations, and more help introduce concepts such as sharing. As always, a caregiver guide can help you make the most of the magazine with your littlest learners. 


Enjoy features including:

·         Snack Time by Kathleen Bahr

·         On a Walk by Mary Hidano

·         Diddlety, Diddlety, Dumpty – A Mother Goose Rhyme

·         Our Tea Party by Sarah Meade

·         Sharing Song by Pamela Love

·         Chickadee Needs by Heidi Bee Roemer

·         A Wee Little Worm by James Whitcomb Riley


Regular features of BABYBUG Magazine include Kim and Carrots and a guide for caregivers.