BABYBUG September 2020

Practice treating pets gently, explore sunflower gardens, and munch on your favorite breakfast!

Cover art by Sheryl Murray



Furry friends, flowery friends, and foody friends! This fun edition of BABYBUG Magazine is filled with adorable art, cute cartoons, and many friendly faces.


BABYBUG shows you how Kim and Carrots pet some four-legged friends, cats crawl all around, and everyone eats in this exciting edition. A short and lovely poem celebrates sunflowers from a garden, and then you’ll meet the other guests your garden may have. With simple language, colorful art, and an introduction to animals and insects, your new learner will have loads to discover. 


Enjoy features including:

  • Kitten in the Kitchen by Pamela Love
  • Little Bug by Jill Burgard
  • Sunflowers by Suzanne Beck
  • Two Robins
  • Breakfast with Friends by Susanna Hobson
  • My Little Guests
  • Puppy Time

Regular features of BABYBUG magazine include Kim and Carrots and a guide for caregivers.