BABYBUG Magazine November-December 2021


Celebrate special days with family, wonder at the first snowfall, and build a cozy fort just for toddlers!

Cover art by Laura Nyman Montenegro


Winter is coming but first we feast! This edition of BABYBUG Magazine celebrates family dinners with poems about cooking, articles about eating, and even stories about cleaning up. And then things get cold!


Kim and Carrots help prepare for a family dinner, Dad makes cornbread, and Yuki helps mom clean up after dinner, as BABYBUG helps your young learners become familiar with family meals from planning to clearing up. Then, welcome winters with some short, adorable poems and pictures while introducing the concept of cozy places. Once you find your cozy place, snuggle up with BABYBUG!


Enjoy features including:

·         Snowflakes – A Traditional Song

·         Blow the Fire – A Traditional Nursery Rhyme

·         Corn Bread by Pamela Love

·         Doing Dishes by Mary Hidano

·         On Grandpa’s Knee by Dotti Enderle

·         Let’s Explore Cozy Places

·         Ding Dong by Kathleen Bahr

Regular features of BABYBUG Magazine include Kim and Carrots and a guide for caregivers.