BABYBUG November-December 2020


Greet baby penguins, hike on a chilly day, and meet some unusual best friends: an elephant and a mouse!

Cover art by Elisabetta Travel


As autumn transforms into winter, your toddler is seeing the world change. Leaves turn colors and fall off trees. We have to put on warmer clothes. Our breathe shows up when we exhale outside. This edition of BABYBUG Magazine helps introduce some of these changes in nature to your curious child with fun poems, colorful pictures, songs, and stories.


In addition to celebrating the change of seasons, your little learner can discover the peculiar patterns of penguins, get a very early introduction to how gravity works, and see how big and little objects compare. 


Enjoy features including:

  • Friends by Joan Stevenson
  • Ready for the Woods by Galen Goodwin Longstreth
  • Saturday Night – A Mother Goose Rhyme
  • Let’s All Sing! By Valerie D. Bolling
  • Little Penguin is Thankful by Dale Cross Purvis
  • Adelie Penguins by Rocky Greenleaf
  • Stacks of Blocks by Carol Hort

Regular features of BABYBUG magazine include Kim and Carrots and a guide for caregivers.