BABYBUG Magazine May-June 2023


Splash in the water, paint a pretty home for a family of birds, and make lots of silly animal sounds!

Cover art by Daniel Egnéus


This BABYBUG Magazine is just bursting with colors and delivers something fun for each of your senses. 


Delight your eyes with stories and poems about painting and treat your ears to the silly sounds animals make. Tickle your taste buds with a funny poem about a water fountain. As always, a parent’s guide will help you make the most of reading BABYBUG Magazine with your littlest learners, and bright, colorful photos and illustrations help your children grasp new concepts. 


Enjoy features including:

·         Finger Painting by Kate Rietema

·         Little Bumblebee by Robin Azer

·         Silly Sounds by Cara Krenn

·         Splash by Pamela Love

·         Fountain Drink by Connie Bowsman

·         Let’s Explore Sunrise by Suzanne Beck

·         Little Riddle by Kurt Metzler


Regular features of BABYBUG Magazine include Kim and Carrots and a guide for caregivers.