BABYBUG Magazine March 2024


Breakfast with friends, puzzles, and playtime are wonderful ways to welcome a new day!

Cover art by Julissa Mora 


Springtime is here! Join in the fun with this lively issue of BABYBUG Magazine.  


Playtime is how the youngest children learn. Splash in puddles, solve a puzzle, push your friends on a swing, play with a puppy, and enjoy the exciting world all around you! Charming illustrations, adorable poems, and accessible language will delight your littlest learners and inspire curiosity about the world around them. 


Enjoy features including: 

·         Puppy’s Breakfast by Rosemary Knapp 

·         Morning Breeze by Carol Coven Grannick 

·         Peyton Loves Puzzles by Heidi Bee Roemer 

·         Whoosh! By Sheila Kerwin 

·         Rainy Day Fun by Carol Coven Grannick 

·         Puddles, Puddles by Dennis R. Brown 

·         The Muffin Man by Mother Goose  


Regular features of BABYBUG Magazine include Kim and Carrots and A Guide for Caregivers.