BABYBUG Magazine July-August 2023


Visit a city or build your own in a sandbox, take a ride in a tricycle taxi, then relax with a book!

Cover art by Brigid Malloy


Sometimes all you need to have a good time is a good book and plenty of imagination. This edition of BABYBUG Magazine celebrates the fun you can have with stories ­­– ones you read, and ones you make up! 


Put on your creative-thinking cap, because BABYBUG is going to help you stretch your imagination. See how a sandbox can become a city, or some kitchen staples can help you pretend to visit a drive-through. Then discover the joys of libraries and books with short, sweet, and accessible poems. Get a bird’s eye view of what it means to go up high and join Kim and Carrots for a fun-filled day with Daddy. Easy concepts, delightful illustrations, and a parents guide help you and your young learner get the most out of BABYBUG Magazine. 


Enjoy features including:

·         Taxi Trike by Kathleen Bahr

·         B Was a Book by Edward Lear

·         Drive-Through by Alma Galapon

·         Let’s Go by Sarah Meade

·         Piff and Her Sandbox City by Carol L. MacKay

·         Way Up High by Dennis R. Brown

·         The Elevator by Sheila Kerwin


Regular features of BABYBUG Magazine include Kim and Carrots and a guide for caregivers.