Babybug Magazine January 2021


Roll a toy train or car, ride in a sled or cardboard box, bounce a ball, catch snowflakes -  it’s time to play!

Cover art by Hector Borlasca


Toys that go is the focus of this month’s fun filled BABYBUG Magazine. Kim plays with colors and cars, “Let’s Explore” features trains, trucks, and more, and you can join in the fun of imagining how a box can transform to all sorts of transportation. 


In addition to cars, trucks, buses, trains, and planes, your early learners can enjoy an adorable introduction to how balls bounce, enjoy a rhyme about playing with a parachute, and recite along with an easy, fun poem about snowflakes. It’s perfect for helping kids find new, innovative, and imaginative ways to play inside.


Enjoy features including:

  • Sledding by Anne Strauss
  • Boxy Rides by Bernadette Lambert
  • Parachute Play by Kathleen Bahr
  • Catching Snowflakes by Bonnie Widerman
  • Off We Go by Suzanne Beck
  • Bouncing Ball by Pamela Love

Regular features of BABYBUG magazine include Kim and Carrots and a guide for caregivers.