BABYBUG Magazine February 2023


Matching socks, finding toys—toddlers can help in so many ways, as long as they take breaks to be silly!

Cover art by Tatjana Mai-Wyss


Helping and hiding are two fun themes in this edition of BABYBUG Magazine. See how even the littlest helpers can make a difference by picking up their toys, matching socks from the laundry, or sweeping the floor. And enjoy poems that celebrate the joy of hide-and-seek. 


Cozy friends, soft socks, and crumbly cookies are just a few of the concepts introduced in this month’s BABYBUG Magazine. Young learners can explore all the many ways they can be a helper, the fun of playing hide-and-seek, and what it means to get even a little bigger. As always, parents can find a guide to help them make the most of sharing this BABYBUG Magazine with their young learners, and colorful illustrations and easy language will keep the young learners engaged from start to finish.


Enjoy features including:

·         Where? by Amy Houts

·         Daddy’s Helper by Lisa Varchol

·         The Crumbly Cookie by Mary Hidano

·         Busy, Busy Day by Dennis R. Brown

·         The Hiding Place by Darline Dalman

·         I’m Growing by JoAnn Early Macken

Regular features of BABYBUG Magazine include Kim and Carrots and a guide for caregivers.