BABYBUG Magazine February 2021


Say hello to an adorable sloth, discover winter birds’ feathery “caps,” and get out your cookie cutters!

Cover art by Susan Eaddy

Just hanging out? What better time to read this month’s BABYBUG Magazine, which takes an entertaining look at lots of things you can do during your down time.


Tasting at a tea party, cooking cookies, and slurping soups are just a few fun and food related suggestions for your kids to consider. This edition provides a plethora of new experiences even beyond the kitchen, including bird spotting and feeding, making snow angels, and just enjoying the pleasures of hanging out. It’s a great way to introduce and share new experiences with your little ones.


Enjoy features including:

  • Hang Time by Neal Levin
  • Keep Me Warm by Susanne Whitehouse
  • Soup by Erica Stemmler
  • Colorful Caps by Linda R. Maki-Griffis
  • Baking Cookies by Meg Hawthorn
  • Moose’s Antlers by Pamela Love

Regular features of BABYBUG magazine include Kim and Carrots and a guide for caregivers.