Time for Slime

ASK October 2018. Ooey gooey slimy ooze—what is slime good for? Surprisingly, a lot. And that’s good, because it’s everywhere.
ASK October 2018 2018

Ewww…. Gross! Study the secrets of SLIME! Slime often gets a bad rap. And to be fair, it’s kinda gross. It’s sticky. It’s gooey. It’s wet. It oozes. It’s … Slimy. And, you find slime in gross thing: slugs, spit, mucus. But in this edition of ASK Magazine you’ll find lots of fun facts about slime that might change your mind about this oeey-gooey gross stuff.


From snot to skunks to snails, find out all the places where slime comes from and discover why slime can be beneficial. Believe it or not, certain kind of slimes can be used as sunscreen and doctors even use slime to help with healing! And when you learn how to make your own slime, you’ll find out how fun it can be too!


Enjoy features including:

  • The Wonderful World of Slime
  • Inspired by Slime by Mary Bates
  • Make Your Own Slime
  • The Sea’s Super Slimer by Tracy Vonder Brink
  • The Snail’s Two Slimes by Ellen Tarr
  • That’s Disgusting! by Elizabeth Preston
  • Slimy Snugglers by Caryl Gobin Ulrich



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