Soccer Kicks

ASK July-August 2019. A short history of soccer, plus tips for tricky players, robot forwards, and the world’s muddiest field.
ASK July-August 2019

This edition of ASK achieves so many goals! You and your kids will learn all about soccer—from the history of how it came to be to what the future will bring to soccer players. Kick it around, see what you discover!


Fun and fascinating, take a deep dive into the sport that is played around the world. Learn about the first soccer games ever played by the Olmec, Maya, and Aztecs with balls that weighed 10 pounds! Then, find out what each player does on a team to both make and stop goals. Finally, see how soccer can be played by robots and what that might mean for the future of the game. Along this fascinating journey, you’ll learn tips to play and fun facts such as the evolution of the soccer ball and how the World Cup-winning US Women’s team wore uniforms made of recycled plastic bottles!


Enjoy features including:

  • A Half-Time History of Soccer by Gordon Grimwade
  • Who’s Who on the Field
  • Soccer Tips for Tricky Players by Rachel Delaney Craft
  • A Perfect Ball by Rachel Delaney Craft
  • How to Wear a Bottle
  • Get Ready for RoboCup by Evan Ackerman
  • X-Treme Soccer
  • Power Ball

Regular features of ASK magazine include Nosy News, Nestor’s Dock, Bot’s Mighty Math, Ask Ask, Contest and Letters, and Marvin and Friends.