Sharing Secrets


ASK Magazine January 2023. How do you share secrets safely? Computer programmers, spies, and Egyptologists share some tips.

Psst. Don’t tell anyone, but this edition of ASK Magazine is amazing! Actually, you can tell everyone. This ASK Magazine is all about secrets: secret languages, secret codes, secret spies, and more. 


See how kings, generals, and spies kept secret information away from the eyes of their enemies using innovative techniques, creative ways to hide messages, and clever codes. But even better, you’ll learn how to duplicate these techniques so you can send secret notes as well. Learn how to make ink disappear (and then reappear), create a scytale, decipher the pigpen cipher, and even learn the language of computers, plus so much more. And go beyond the written codes to learn the tricks the spies used to signal each other, from how they hung laundry to hiding secrets in hollow eggs. 


Enjoy features including: 

·         Keeping Secrets Secret by Meg Moss

·         Super Spy Techniques by 003

·         The Unbroken Code of the Navajo Code Talkers by Catherine Ripley

·         How to Talk to a Computer

·         Alice and Bob Share Secrets Online

·         The Secret in the Stone by Rose Etta

Regular features of ASK Magazine include Nosy News, Nestor’s Dock, Bot’s Mighty Math, Ask Ask, Contest and Letters, and Marvin and Friends.