Get your Game on


ASK February 2021. What does it take to win at sports? Can inventors help? And what were kids playing long, long ago?

Some people compete in sports to win, others because it’s good exercise, and still others do it just because it’s fun. No matter what reason you have for trying out a sport, you can’t miss this gold-medal edition of ASK Magazine.


Being a champ is part physiological and part psychological. Learn how some bodies are better formed for athletics and how you can overcome those differences if you weren’t born that way. Explore the history of games that doubled as exercise and helped keep people healthy, as well as the very first Olympic games. Examine some sports hacks that can give you a leg-up with your skills and the rules that keep the games safe and fair. 


Enjoy features including:

  • Becoming a Champion by Ellen R. Braaf
  • Whose Helmet?
  • Go Out and Play by Rachel Young
  • No Fair! by Tracy Vonder Brink
  • The First Olympics by Arthur Robins
  • Who Needs a Referee? by Brian Garrison

Regular features of ASK magazine include Nosy News, Nestor’s Dock, Bot’s Mighty Math, Ask Ask, Contest and Letters, and Marvin and Friends.