Join the Dance


ASK Magazine April 2024. This issue of ASK is one big dance party! Dancing animals, dancing shoes, dancing tricks! Party dances, Navajo shawl dances, wheelchair dances, and more!

What’s one thing that almost all people around the world share in common? Dancing! But did you know that not all dancers are human? Meet the animals who use sweet moves to find mates, make friends, or send messages to their fellow creatures.


Learn dance moves from different cultures and time periods, then discover the scientific secrets behind skills like balancing, spinning, and flipping. Then, get to know Carrie, a member of the Bitter Water Clan in the Navajo Nation and a fancy shawl dancer as she shares what it’s like to perform at a powwow. Have you ever seen a dancer on wheels? Find out how a life-changing accident led Kitty Lunn to creating Infinity Dance Theatre, an inclusive dance troupe featuring dancers with and without disabilities. Whether you’re a honeybee or a human, dancing is a way to communicate without words. What’s your favorite way to dance?


 Enjoy features including: 

·         Dances with Animals by Ellen R. Braaf

·         Three Dances Every Kid Should Know by U. Wannadance

·         How Do They Do That? by Charlene Brusso

·         Navajo Fancy Dancer by Nancy Bo Flood

·         Put On Your Dancing Shoes

·         Dancers on Wheels by Janeen R. Adil

 Regular features of ASK Magazine include Nosy News, Nestor’s Dock, Ask Ask, Contest and Letters, Bot’s Mighty Math, and Marvin and Friends.