Up, Up, and Away


ASK Magazine April 2022. Blowing bubbles, riding balloons, floating bugs, amazing an emperor, and other fun things to do with air.

This edition of ASK Magazine will BLOW your mind as you learn about blowing up balloons, blowing bubbles, and blowing up art.


From the first hot air balloon to the first bubble gum bubble, ASK is full of fascinating facts. You your young learners will explore all sorts of things filled with air and you’ll also explore how we discovered air itself. See how air keeps fish floating and meet bugs who surround themselves with bubbles. View some truly extraordinary balloon art and learn a fun balloon trick to play on your friends.


Enjoy features including:

·         Riding the First Balloons by David L. Bristow

·         There’s a Balloon in My Belly by Lori Wollerman Nelson

·         The Alchemist of Air

·         Bubble Bugs

·         Pop! The Invention of Bubble Gum by Meghan McCarthy

·         Blowing Up Art by Rachel Young

Regular features of ASK Magazine include Nosy News, Nestor’s Dock, Bot’s Mighty Math, Ask Ask, Contest and Letters, and Marvin and Friends.