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Outer Space for Older Kids Theme Pack

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Outer Space Magazine theme Pack.

Outer Space for Older Kids Theme Pack

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Future astronomers with at least 9 Earth years behind them, will love the chance to blast off into outer space with 5 issues of their favorite magazines focusing on everything space. From learning about other planets, to exploring the existence of extraterrestrials to exploring the moon. You’ll also get a double dose of science fiction and delve deep into the mysteries of the sun.

This Space Theme Pack contains 5 issues and includes:

Around and About the Planets: Take an interplanetary tour around our universe in this fascinating issue of APPLESEEDS. You can travel to the nine -oops, make that eight - planets in our solar system or stay here on earth and meet some cool "teen scientists." In addition to learning a lot about other planets, readers will find out facts about Earth, our own "home sweet home." From Ptolemy to Carl Sagan to the campers at Astro Camp, on this solar system journey readers will meet people whose passion is finding out about the planets.

Voyage to the Moon: This issue of Cobblestone takes off with an interview with astronaut Eugene Cernan, an introduction to a few female astronauts, and an article about some pioneer astrocreatures. The delightfully chilling science fiction tale of a journey to the moon -- launched by Johannes Kepler, a play to produce, and a collection of stamps all capture the spirit of space travel.

Does E.T. Exist?: Humans have been thinking and talking about the possibility of having "neighbors" in the galaxy for thousands of years. Have you ever asked the question: Are we alone in the universe? Are we finally at the transition point from belief in extraterrestrial life, to scientific exploration for it? Explore these questions and more in this month's Odyssey!

The Sun Burns: Our Sun is a superstar! Not surprisingly, it's also the most studied star of the more than 200 billion in the Milky Way galaxy alone. Yet like any superstar, it likes to remain mysterious, withholding its secrets. But in this issue of ODYSSEY, we'll look for answers to some of our questions about the sun. What is it made of? What causes the Sun to vary so much? How does this impact people on Earth? How can we plan for solar storms? Will we one day travel to other planets in spacecraft fueled by the Sun? Find these answers and more while you're enjoying the summer sun this month!

Back to the Moon: Lunar Prospector, the first NASA spacecraft to the moon since the 1972 Apollo mission, is the precursor to our next phase of lunar exploration. It has already told us that there is water ice on the moon. What else will it discover about Luna? Will there one day be moon colonies? Can the moon be mined for resources? There are new theories about the moon's origin, and amateur astronomers are rediscovering its beauty.

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