The Brain Theme Pack

The Brain Theme Pack

The brain is the powerhouse for everything we do, so why not take a tour of the workings of the mind? In this pack, students explore how different parts of the brain work to make sense of their surroundings and experiences. Students will examine how to keep the mind healthy, and find about the adolescent brain, in particular, to see what is special about this stage in human growth. Articles also offer a look into mysterious mind meanderings and unusual perceptions sure to make anyone’s head spin.

The Brain focuses on the Dimensions and Disciplinary Core Ideas LS1 From Molecules to Organisms: Structure and Processes, LS3 Heredity: Inheritance and Variation of Traits, and numerous Practices and Crosscutting Concepts as described in the Next Generation Science Standards.

This theme-pack contains five 36- to 52-page magazines: 

Odyssey 3/2015 It’s All in Your Head

Features: The Debt We Owe to the Adolescent Brain, Use It or Lose It, Strength V.S Smarts, Embarrassed: Blame Your Brain, Photo Op: Mind Reading Machine: Mysteries of the Brain Revealed, I Think I See Your Brain Working!, Need Those Zzzs, Schooled in Hard Knocks

Ask 9/2016 Meet Your Brain

Features: Come on, Dad, it’s not that hard!, Ask a Brain!, Brainless, The Backwards Bike, Hey, Can You Read This?, A New Way to See, Time to Train Your Brain

Odyssey 9/2012 How Time Flies! Perception and the Brain

Features: The Long Glorious Now of Mas Maden, Tim: It’s All Relative!, Travel Through Time-With Your Imagination, Really Fast, Really Slow, What Time Is It?

Muse 4/2012 Fooling Our Senses

Features: Chemists Are the New Tastemakers, The Hue of Death, A Touch of Bias, How Spiffy is Your Sniffer, A Tale of Two Violins

Odyssey 3/2001 Brain Matters

Features: A Computer in Your Head?, Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, How Do Your Dendrites Grow?, “Rewiring” the Brain, Why We Remember. . .and Forget, Violence!, Pay Attention!, Beware of “Brain Attacks”, No-Brainers, Mental Math and Mozart

Product Number: CKT72001