Stargazing with Jack Horkheimer

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Every smart kid eventually looks up into the night sky and asks what it's all about.
Stargazing with Jack Horkheimer: Cosmic Comics for the Sky Watcher is a fantastic tour of the universe---with Jack (in animated form) as your guide. The book is packed with full-color cartoons that explore the amazing lore and science of our Moon, the Sun, the planets and constellations, and other galactic objects that are visible in the sky. The book also introduces you to the basic concepts of star gazing and mind-boggling facts about our universe---all presented from the viewpoint of a cast of cartoon characters. It's your official (and fun) guide to naked-eye astronomy.

The books contains more than 50 cosmic comics, seasonal star-watching activities, star charts, tip for the best skywatching, astronomy glossary and index.

Jack Horkheimer is the "star" of the PBS TV series Star Gazer.He is also the executive director of the Miami Space Transit Planetarium.

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