SPIDER Magazine April 2024


Dive on in to discover creatures of the deep! Witness a giant baby battle an ornery water snake, spot an octopus escape artist and soar the seas with an eagle ray.

Cover art by Jon Goodell


Take a trip to the aquarium with Doodlebug and Dandelion, learn why whales live in the sea, and take a swimming lesson from an otter. Check out a classic ‘tall tale’ about a powerful young girl who defeats a water moccasin, then a modern-day tale about a tall girl who just wants to fit in. 


There’s so much to keep kids entertained on rainy days, including a matching sea creature game, a spotted eagle ray craft, and a tasty tropical recipe. “Seas” the day with this adventurous issue of SPIDER!


Enjoy features including:

·         King Crab by Neil Numberman

·         The Breeze by Robert Schechter

·          Ray Dance by Janice Milusich

·         A Taste of St. Croix by Eugenie G. Kelley

·         Slue-Foot Sue Wasn’t an Ordinary Baby by Debbie Dadey

·         What Am I? by Tony Waters

·         Why the Whale Lives in the Sea by Frances Riddle

·         No Need for Lessons by Jane Morris Udovic

·         Ava the Big by Kell Andrews

Regular features of SPIDER Magazine include Doodlebug and Dandelion, Spider’s Corner, Spider’s Mailbox, Ophelia’s Last Word, Bug Adventure, Buggy Bulletin, The Fun Zone, Mind-Buggler, and Spider and the Gang.