SMART PANDA Spring 2017

SMART PANDA Jan-Feb 2017
SMART PANDA Spring 2017 single issue:

Introducing SMART PANDA, the only bilingual Chinese-English magazine for children ages 3-6. Designed to help children learn to read in both languages while reinforcing Chinese cultural identity, each issue of Smart Panda is filled with fun stories, poems, activities, and games presented in both Chinese and English.  Guided by Red Kangaroo, the famous cartoon character familiar to millions of Chinese young readers, young children gain mastery of both English words and unique Chinese phrases all while enjoying a piece of a typical Chinese childhood.

《聪明小熊猫》是北美唯一学前汉英双语学习杂志。 在帮助3-6的儿童学习使用双语阅读的同时,也加强孩子对中国文化的认同。每一期的《聪明小熊猫》都充满了图文并茂的双语故事和诗歌、丰富多彩的小活动和游戏, 让孩子体验一份地道的中式童年教育。一起跟随备受中国小读者喜爱的著名卡通人物“红袋鼠”来识汉字、讲英文吧!