SMART PANDA JR. Spring 2017

SMART PANDA JR. Jan-Feb 2017
SMART PANDA JR. Spring 2017 single issue:

Introducing SMART PANDA JR., the only Chinese-English bilingual magazine for toddlers in America. Filled with read-along stories, cheerful rhymes, poems, and games, SMART PANDA JR. is designed to increase language learning and reinforce cultural identity by bringing a piece of your childhood straight to your children. Featuring beloved characters such as Jingjing Kitten, Little Squirrel, and The Bunny and developed in partnership with the largest Chinese children’s publisher, SMART PANDA JR. and SMART PANDA are designed to bring the best of both worlds to your young reader.

 《聪明熊猫宝贝》是北美市场唯一为幼儿量身定制的汉英双语学习杂志。 用充满童趣的双语故事、 欢快的儿歌、诗歌以及游戏等内容来激发幼儿对中文学习的兴趣和对传统文化的认同。《聪明熊猫宝贝》是与中国最大的儿童出版商的合作成果,拥有诸如小猫晶晶,小松鼠和小兔子等备受喜爱的卡通人物,旨在为您的年轻小读者带来最好的双语教学、最地道的双语阅读。