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Ages 0-3


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Read-aloud stories for babies and toddlers

  • Parents' Choice Gold Award Winner in 2020
  • The best magazine to spark learning in young minds
  • Perfect for children ages 6 months to 3 years
  • Published 9 times per year
  • Designed for safety: Nontoxic ink on sturdy coated paper, rounded corners and no staples
  • Like all our magazines, 100% ad-free
When it comes to the highest-quality stories, games, and activities, no one delivers it better than BABYBUG Magazine! BABYBUG features joyful, brightly illustrated stories and poems perfect for parent and child to read together.

The Cricket Media Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with BABYBUG, you may change your subscription to any of our other kids’ magazines for free. You also can cancel at any time by contacting 1-800-821-0115.


Print: Shipping is free when mailed to an address in the U.S. (additional $15 USD for Canada). Please allow 4-6 weeks for arrival of the first issue. For more immediate gift delivery, we recommend selecting the optional gift issue above. International issues available in digital form only. For international orders click here.

Digital: Access the magazine on your computer, smartphone and tablet. You will receive download and login instructions via email when we process your order.

Print + Digital: 9 print issues mailed to the young reader in your life PLUS a digital edition of each issue available for computer, smartphone and tablet.


For your convenience, your new subscription(s) will be automatically renewed at the end of each term at the preferred renewal rate then in effect, unless you have cancelled. You can cancel at any time by calling 1-800-821-0115, as described in the “Cricket Guarantee.” Towards the end of the term of your subscription(s) you’ll receive a reminder with the upcoming rate(s) then in effect. We (or our order processing service) will automatically charge your credit/debit card or bill you at time of renewal at the rate stated on the reminder. For further details on Automatic Renewals and Cancellations click here.


If you or your child are not completely delighted with your Cricket Media magazine, we’ll refund the cost of all issues remaining on your subscription.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing Review by Amanda V.

I absolutely cannot say enough good things about this publication. When I was young, my family subscribed to Cricket and it was one of my favorite magazines. Now, I have a 1.5 year old daughter and she is OBSESSED with her Babybugs. She reads them in the car, in her crib, at Grandma's, on the couch... anywhere and everywhere. They are wonderful for early literacy activities. As an elementary school teacher, I find them to be so appropriate for the age group they target. I am so impressed with their durablilty and ability to hold up despite being handled by a busy and not so careful toddler. Honestly, if I was made to chose one type of reading material to take on a trip with my child, it would be a handful of Babybugs, hands down. She picks them up over and over and over again. We love it! Keep up the good work! We can't wait to move up to Ladybug and Cricket!

(Posted on 12/10/19)

fun for all ages Review by MT

My whole family loves reading Babybug. Our toddler loves getting something just for her, and her brother loves practicing reading it to her. The poems, stories, and topics spark good conversations and questions, too.

(Posted on 7/18/19)

A great baby gift Review by Bupah

I have been giving a subscription to Babybug to families with new babies ever since you started the magazine. It is just the right size for mom or dad to carry a copy around in the diaper bag and they can read to the baby whenever they are sitting in a waiting room or wherever they need to take the baby somewhere. So reading to the baby will be the easiest thing in the world to do. I hope it will start a life-long habit.

(Posted on 4/8/19)

My nephew loves this Review by Rachael

I buy my sister's children a subscription to BabyBug. My nephew is almost two and loves getting his issues in the mail. He sometimes requests to go to bed with issues of BabyBug so that he can "read" to his toy bear. If you are looking for topic ideas, he is currently fascinated with the moon, construction equipment, dinosaurs, and crows.

(Posted on 1/17/19)

Empowering and fun Review by Ellen

The variety of children, art, words and stories are fun for both parent and child. And the inclusive language and art empowers both girls and boys of different backgrounds.

(Posted on 9/18/17)

Love this for little people Review by MommaB

We enjoyed Baby Bug for 5 years for our two kids, and it was always a treat. The kids loved it and the magazines were so sturdy we later passed them on to other children. A great gift for young children.

(Posted on 3/10/17)

Best Ever to instill that a child learns to read!! Review by Moree

My mother purchased this subscription for my daughter (now 20 yrs old) and I am buying it for my first granddaughter. My daughter was a HUGE sleepfighter...These books calmed my daughter and prepared her for her bedtime routine. I could take them wherever we went and it made it feel like home when it came to the "going to the bed" process. I highly recommend this!! Also my daughter turned out to be a great reader, poet and songwriter. I owe much of this literature ability to this early subscription of words and pictures- BABYBUG. I started reading it to her at 6 months old.

(Posted on 9/11/16)



(Posted on 5/13/16)

Baby Bug is Great! Review by Review by parent and reading specialist

My son and I read BABY BUG together the first three years of his life. It is a wonderful magazine! Fun stories and great illustrations. Each magazine is very sturdy and I passed Sean's set on to my cousin when she had children. We continued with more Carus Publishing magazines as he grew older. BABY BUG is my go to gift for newborns.

(Posted on 3/9/16)

What a treasure! Review by Michelle M.

We are a second generation family for Carus Publishing. I received Cricket as a child and it was the brightest spot in my month, year after year. I can't tell you how wonderful it is as a mom to share the joy of reading such wonderful words and artwork with my children and seeing their eyes light up every month when they get a "new book" with their name on it. Both kids have a beloved stash of Babybugs which keep them busy, and our oldest now has a lovely stack of Ladybugs to join them. What a treasure!

(Posted on 3/4/16)

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