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Ages 3-6


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Check out a LADYBUG Magazine sample issue                                                        Find Out How to Send a Gift Announcement

Engaging stories and poems for preschoolers

  • Parents' Choice Gold Award Winner in 2020
  • The best magazine to inspire imagination
  • Perfect for children ages 3 to 6 who love stories and adventures
  • Published 9 times per year
  • Like all our magazines, 100% ad-free
LADYBUG Magazine offers a charming collection of the best stories, poems, songs, action games, and adventures for young children. Written by some of the world's best children's authors and illustrated by award-winning artists, LADYBUG Magazine sparks a love of reading that will last a lifetime.

The Cricket Media Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with LADYBUG, you may change your subscription to any of our other kids’ magazines for free. You also can cancel at any time by contacting 1-800-821-0115.


Print: Shipping is free when mailed to an address in the U.S. (additional $15 USD for Canada). Please allow 4-6 weeks for arrival of the first issue. For more immediate gift delivery, we recommend selecting the optional gift issue above. International issues available in digital form only. For international orders click here.

Digital: Access the magazine on your computer, smartphone and tablet. You will receive download and login instructions via email when we process your order.

Print + Digital: 9 print issues mailed to the young reader in your life PLUS a digital edition of each issue available for computer, smartphone and tablet.


For your convenience, your new subscription(s) will be automatically renewed at the end of each term at the preferred renewal rate then in effect, unless you have cancelled. You can cancel at any time by calling 1-800-821-0115, as described in the “Cricket Guarantee.” Towards the end of the term of your subscription(s) you’ll receive a reminder with the upcoming rate(s) then in effect. We (or our order processing service) will automatically charge your credit/debit card or bill you at time of renewal at the rate stated on the reminder. For further details on Automatic Renewals and Cancellations click here.


If you or your child are not completely delighted with your Cricket Media magazine, we’ll refund the cost of all issues remaining on your subscription.

Customer Reviews

7 Item(s)

Truly Enjoyed the First Magazine! Review by Kayley's Mommy

We received our first subscription today and my daughter, Kayley (3.5), wanted to read the entire Magazine during our story time. We truly enjoyed the stories together and the topics were so relevant with the time. Reading about 4th of July, Wasps (which we see a lot of lately outside), and the struggles with Bath time. The bath time story actually encouraged my daughter to take her bath on time!!! The Little Bear story made an impact! She talked about the little bear as we got ready for bath time :)...Love it!!!

(Posted on 6/30/20)

A lovely part of childhood Review by Grandma Ann

My son, who is 40 now, grew up loving Cricket, the comics, the stories, the games and projects. When his little girl turned 3, I gave her a subscription to Ladybug. After 2 years she still gets excited when the mail comes and the latest issue is there. She loves the games and stories and poems, and studies each issue until it falls to pieces. She loves to have me or her parents read it to her, but also spends quite a bit of time poring over it by herself. It is colorful, engaging and wide ranging in its ideas. I bought her other magazines as well, but this is the only one she really connected to and looks forward to. I have just subscribed to Babybug for her little sister and am looking forward to sharing the first issue with her.

(Posted on 4/25/20)

Quick fan note Review by Bryan R

Dear Cricket Media,
Just wanted to send a quick fan note, as my family has been enjoying your publications for many years. In particular, Ladybug Magazine has inspired me to write you to thank you for producing such a wonderful publication. I read it with my 3 and 1/2 year-old and the value we both receive from it is beyond worth!

To elaborate a bit, allow me to call out why we love Ladybug so much:
-We look forward to receiving the magazine in the mail
-We love reading it together

Now to the content:
-Very impressed with the variety of content. We love all of the activities, from the stories to the poems; finding items in photos; activities at the end of the magazine, musical pieces. I've never held a magazine in my hand before that offers so many different activities and such variety.
-Very impressed with the quality and of the content. I feel that it is important to depict the world as positively as I can to my daughter, and Ladybug appears to have a similar priority. We are shown friendly, inclusive, diverse, incredibly-broad depictions of humans and their relationships, capabilities, and interactions. In educating our children, it is so important to show them the world as it could be, and plant seeds of inclusivity and mutual respect for all different types of people and cultures. I love how Ladybug never departs from these core values in their depictions. It is such a positive influence and I never find myself questioning, censoring, or needing to re-contextualize the content my daughter is absorbing from Ladybug.

In summary, you are doing an amazing service to the children who read your magazine, by connecting them with their parents, families, friends, communities, nations, and world, and by presenting content with sensitive, broad-based views of the world that should help our children to better connect with one another as they grow into adults, and, dare I say it, make the world a better place. If I could somehow make it happen, I would subscribe every child to Ladybug.

Thank you for your work!

(Posted on 2/15/18)

A Fantastic visual journey. Review by Fiona Khan

It is a visual feast for any child. just brilliant and I love it. Great layout, bright colors with the language is simple. the stories and poetry and so exciting. Fully supported by Global Forum 4 Literacy and The Travelling Books Project.

(Posted on 6/9/17)

Amazing magazine! Review by Ace's Mom

Our daughter was gifted Ladybug last Christmas. I ended up purchasing 4 subscriptions for nephews and nieces the same year. This year, all the kids asked to get the magazine subscription again! Success!

(Posted on 12/11/16)

Great Motivation to start reading Review by Mom2Many

I've been a subscriber to all the magazines for almost 2 decades and this was the magazine that motivated several of my children to learn to read on their own. They loved the colorful illustrations so much they didn't want to wait for myself or my husband to read it to them or their older siblings. They wanted so much to read it on their own! We've moved up to Spider and Cricket but I miss Ladybug and Babybug!

(Posted on 8/8/16)

Our Favorite magazine for the kids Review by Heather

This is our favorite magazine for our children, which are 3 & 51/2 years old, a boy & a girl. They love all of their Ladybug mag: the poems, the stories, the "I Spy", the song, the comic. They like to try to find Ladybug, Thud, and Muddle- to see what hijinks they're up to throughout most of the pages in the Magazine.

We give Ladybug 5 stars!

(Posted on 4/30/16)

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