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FREE Pandemics Issue

Free Pandemics IssuePandemics Special Digital Issue
With families around the world staying home together during the Coronavirus pandemic, we know children to be full of questions. That's why we've compiled a special selection of articles about pandemics, viruses, and germs with material for young readers of all ages, from early readers to tweens. DOWNLOAD HERE

Your FREE download. What is a germ? How have societies handled pandemics in the past, and what have we learned from them? What’s the best way to stop germs? How do experts track diseases? Why is hand washing so important? And how do vaccines work? Meet real experts who specialize in fighting disease and read historical fictional stories about children who lived through pandemics of the past. These articles and stories from our award-winning children’s magazines break down complex topics at a level that kids can understand—and provide plenty of opportunities to keep young minds active while home from school. DOWNLOAD HERE

What's inside. Articles and stories include: “What’s a Germ?” by Amy Tao, art by Chris Jones. “Seasonal Flu vs. Pandemic Flu” courtesy of the CDC. “Epic Epidemics” by Marcia Amidon Lusted. “The Holding-On Night” by Sheila Kelly Welch. “One Dreadful Record” by Ivy Marr. “In 140 Characters of Less” by Marcus Griswold. “Ouch!” by Rachel Young. “Got Germs?” by Amy Tao. “The Godfather of Handwashing” by Leanne Longwill. “Stop the Spread!” by Andrew Matthews. DOWNLOAD HERE