The Science of Reading


MUSE October 2020. What’s happening as we read? Brain science meets education research, wordplay, therapy dogs, and extraordinary libraries!

Reading is fundamental and also fun, but have you ever wondered how reading works? How we learn to read? What happens in your brain when you’re reading? This edition of MUSE Magazine digs into the science of reading.


Your kids can take their understanding and appreciation of the written word to a new level as they learn about reading and your brain. Look at how our minds see, interpret, and react to reading, as well as discover how brains can misinterpret letters as you demystify dyslexia. You’ll also dive into alternatives to help the visually impaired read and understand how different fonts affect how we “see” words.


Enjoy features including:

  • Reading Their World by Andrew Egan
  • Inside the Reading Mind by Carrie M. Cannella
  • Tales for Tails by Susan Wroble
  • A New Way to See Braille by Nick D’Alto
  • Demystifying Dyslexia by Rachel Kehoe
  • A Font of Knowledge by Elizabeth Tracy

Regular features include Parallel U, Muse Mail, Muse News, Hands-on, Photo Op, Science @ Work, Q&A, Do the Math, Your Tech, Contest, and Last Slice.