MUSE NOVEMBER 2015: 100 Years of General Relativity

MUSE NOVEMBER 2015 single back issue.
Muse takes on Einstein in this issue featuring articles such as Rings, Arcs, Crosses, and Twins: How Matter Distorts Space and Bends Light, Testing Einstein in Space, and Traveling Through Time: Can Relativity Punch Your Ticket to the Past and Future? You’ll also discover relativity-based fiction “Twins Again” by Erid Picholle. In this exciting story, Tara’s twin, Macha, is actually younger than Tara. Or is she much older? In deep space, spaceship maneuvers sometimes play strange tricks with distant clock. And of course, Muse Mail, Parallel U, and Muse News are here too. Don’t miss this relatively awesome issue on relativity.