Try This! Tricks, Puzzles, and Cool Experiments

MUSE May-June 2016 single back issue.
MUSE Magazine May-June 2016

We dare you to try all the puzzles, tricks, and experiments crammed into this issue of Muse. If you take up the challenge you’ll find articles such as:

Balancing Act: How to build a rock tower by Kathryn Hulick

Measure the Earth: A summer solstice experiment by Nick D’Alto

Master Memory: Brain Tools to Make Information Stick by Jennifer Connor-Smith

Limor Fried: Engineer, Maker, and Entrepreneur by Meg Thacher

Lemon Sent: An energizing Experiment by Meg Thacher

Space Folds by Ivars Peterson

Power Play: Smart Fun with Blocks, Toothpicks…and Colored Pencils by Nick D’Alto

Weather: Be a Meteorologist-Maker by Carollyne Hutter

Counting Cows…and Camels! A Dreamy Brain Teaser by Clifford A. Pickover

A Random Walk: The Fun Side of Unpredictability by Susan Wroble

Mighty and Magical Magnets: Sticky Tricks and Tests by Kathryn Hulick

Spice of Life: Experimenting with Plant Chemicals

You’re the Magician by Nick D’Alto

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