MUSE March 2016 single back issue.
MUSE Magazine March 2016 

Don’t get fooled into thinking this month’s issue of Muse isn’t on the up and up. Find out all you need to know about conspiracy theories, pranks, trickery, and hoaxes with articles including:

(Don’t) Fly Me to the Moon: Calling All Conspiracy Theorists by Lela Nargi

Not Actual Size: The Many Faces of Caricature by Kristina Lyn Heitkamp

Rooked! The True Story Behind a Fake Robot by Nick D’Alto

What Killed the Dinosaurs? A Theory on Trial by Jeanne Miller

What's So Funny? How We Learn to Laugh by Kathiann M. Kowakski

The Humbug: Fiction by Justin Werfel

Regular features include: Parallel U, Muse News, Your Tech, Last Slice, Muse Mail, Q&A, Hands-on, and Do the Math.