MUSE JULY 2015 single back issue.
Is a zombie virus coming? Could your dog help? Will washing your hands keep you safe? What is Ebola virus, really? This fascinating issue of MUSE answers all of your questions about viruses-- and some that you may not think to ask! Learn about animals that can sniff disease, meet real "food disease detectives," and read the heart-racing story of epidemics that have gripped the country. There's even an interview with an expert on the dreaded "Black Death!" If you're wondering just how viruses work this cold and flu season, this is the perfect magazine for you. Plus, check out the fashion of the future, find out how "truthy" social media is, learn about a disease that affects koalas, discover if love can be scientifically proven, and more.

This issue's features include:

"Zombie Virus: Fact or Fiction" by Syndee Barwick
"Super Sniffers" by Nic Gill
"The Godfather of Handwashing" by Leanne Longwill
"One Dreadful Record" by Ivy Marr
"How Much Can a Marsupial Bear?" by Nic Gill
"The Case of 'Something I Ate'" by Lela Nargi
"Yellow Fever, Blue Death: Two Infamous Outbreaks" by Ivy Marr