Secrets of Trees


MUSE Magazine April 2023. Discover the hidden underground network that connects trees and hear from forest ecologist Suzanne Simard about her work. Accompany skywalking researchers up to the canopies of coast redwood trees and learn the secrets contained in tree rings.

They’re all around us. We often don’t pay any attention to them. But, as this edition of MUSE Magazine shows us, there is something TREEmendous about trees.


How do trees talk? How do you read the rings of a tree? What do trees do for us? MUSE Magazine answers all these questions and more with a deep dive into the secret world of trees. Plus, see how a 500-year-old sketch may hold to key to our understanding of how trees grow, and discover some unique animals who live very high up in the sky. Young learners and old will come away with a new understanding for the often-underappreciated tree.  


Enjoy features including:

·         The Secrets in Tree Rings by Charles C. Hofer

·         The Secret Social Life of Trees by Rachel Kehoe 

·         United They Stand by Abha and Deepa Jain

·         Skywalking for Science by Jeanne Miller

·         Bringing Back the Giants by Carolyn Fay 

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