LADYBUG November-December 2016

LADYBUG November-December 2016 single back issue.
LADYBUG November-December 2016

Cover art by Richard Johnson

Turkeys dance in the yard, people visit their families, squirrels bury nuts, the chilly wind blows, and snow sparkles on the ground. Fall is turning into winter, and the holidays are coming! What better time to snuggle with your family and a copy of LADYBUG magazine? This issue is a Thanksgiving feast of magical stories, poems, and activities including:

Little Turkey by Kerry Davis, art by Susan Swan

Anna Goes on Vacation by Anna Vlahakis, art by Blanche Sims

Silly Suitcase with art by Sam Rennocks

Dear Children by Dale Cross Purvis, art by Rivkah LaFille

Winter Quilt by Buffy Silverman, art by Todd Zalewski

Old King Cole, art by Victoria Assanelli

Snowy Castles, art by Jamie Smith

My Winter Hat by Julia Durango, art by Bats Langley

Mortimer the Miserable by Rebecca Sutton, art by Marcin Piwowarski

Abracadabra!, art by Ghyslaine Vaysset

The Elephant Carries a Great Big Trunk, art by Irene Haas

Regular features include: Max and Kate, I Spy, Molly & Emmett, Muddle & Thud, and a cool wizard hat craft!