LADYBUG Magazine July-August 2021


Celebrate summer with driftwood boat races, sandcastles, surprise camping trips, and plenty of make believe!

Life’s a beach! As summer winds down, and you wave goodbye to the ocean, give your kids one more chance to visit the seashore with this edition of LADYBUG Magazine.


Follow Max and Kate as they explore life in a shallow pool at the beach, enjoy a sweet poem about building in the sand, set sail with Gavin’s imagination, swim with the fishes (and the dogs), and go running with the sandpipers. As always, LADYBUG Magazine is chock full of beautiful illustrations that bring each story and poem to life. Games, songs, and cartoons round out this awesome edition. You’ll love it, for shore.


Enjoy features including:

·         Sandcastle Queen by Cara Krenn

·         Gavin Sets Sail by Sarah Meade

·         Salty Pirates by Julie Rogers

·         Nellie and the Fish by Valeri Gorbachev

·         Dog paddle by Kurt Metzler

·         The Silly Seashore by Jane Dippold

·         It’s True! By Cecilia Cohen

·         When Seven DeSwapp Hopped

·         Sailing by Deb Baker

·         Sandpipers by Charlotte Gunnufson

·         Animal Exercises by Sukie Jackson

Regular features of LADYBUG Magazine include I Spy, Max and Kate, Molly & Emmett, and Ladybug, Muddle, and Thud.