LADYBUG Magazine February 2023


It’s time for sidewalk art shows and valentine crafts, with stories about papa bears and enchanted boots!

Your little learners will love this edition of LADYBUG Magazine, which celebrates the love of family, drawing, reading, and Valentine’s Day. 


Discover what Destiny was drawing or put on your sidewalk chalk art show. Look at where we live and what lives in our homes. Hear a mashup of famous fairytales and learn about libraries. As if stories, poems, songs, games, and activities were not enough, LADYBUG Magazine also has Valentine’s Day cards that can be cut out and given to friends and family.


Enjoy features including:

  • Our Daddy by Valeri Gorbachev
  • What Destiny Drew by Pamela Love
  • Sidewalk Art Show by Kathleen Bahr
  • The Very Nicest Place
  • In a House by Ferida Wolff
  • Valentines by Cecilia Cohen
  • Whoops, Books! by Julie Corriveau Wilson
  • My Quiet Time by Charles Ghigna
  • Story Keeper by Jestine Ware
  • Book at Sixpence by Maggie Murphy
  • My Two Feet by Rick Walton
  • A Very Merry Library by Sara Greenleaf

Regular features of LADYBUG Magazine include I Spy, Max and Kate, Molly & Emmett, and Ladybug, Muddle, and Thud.